Microbial Applications - BIO-CAT Microbials


    Our soil inoculants improve soil quality and enhance the biodiversity of soil with safe and beneficial microorganisms. Learn More

    Our products help promote the gut health of healthy animals with natural methods from direct fed microbials. Learn More

    Our biological solutions improve nutrition, naturally reduce waste build up and disease, and aid in a more balanced water supply. Learn More

    Our enzyme-producing bacteria breaks down a variety of soils and stains making them easier to wash away. Learn More

    Our probiotics assist in breaking down food as well as functioning in a variety of other ways to promote digestive health.  Learn More

    Our food grade probiotics can easily be incorporated into a variety of food products.  Learn More

    Our enzyme producing bacteria effectively breaks down organic waste and increases the quality of wastewater. Learn More

    Our microbials can be added to waste to facilitate the breakdown of organic components and increase your systems efficiency. Learn More