Custom Blending

Our custom blending service, designed to meet specific client formulation and application needs, provides a tailored experience for every customer.

Quality-tested and researched in our laboratories, enzyme and microbial products can be custom-blended, in liquid or granular form. The experience and knowledge of our well-trained chemists helps us address specific enzyme and microbe applications on a daily basis, for both large and small companies across the globe.

When approached with a competitive product, our QC and R&D laboratories will test and develop solutions, proving an exact match or a substitute that could offer cost-savings and increase efficiency. Our experienced R&D lab technicians work closely with our sales team to provide the high-quality, natural and safe products our customers expect.

Representing over 200 years of enzyme experience, BIO-CAT has a large blending capacity. Our production and packaging flexibility and technical sales staff give us the ability to accommodate customers’ more routine custom formulations.

Please contact our experienced sales force to create your own custom-blended experience, today!

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Laboratory Services

We provide our customers with customized, high-quality safe products that are tested to ensure potency and overall quality. Our Quality Control (QC) testing and Research and Development (R&D) laboratories, capable of performing many types of enzyme and microbial analysis, are designed to meet our customers’ specific application needs.

Our QC lab provides enzyme assays and also tests for enzymatic activity that might be present in microbial blended products. In order to recommend the best solution to match or enhance a product, our well-trained chemists test customer samples for both enzyme and microbial activity. Our labs also have the adaptability to perform many customer-supplied assay methods upon request.

All of the products we use, from the raw materials to the final products, are tested for enzymatic and microbial activity before leaving our facilities. We assure that the activity we state is the activity you will receive. Our newly expanded R&D laboratory extends our capabilities for developing new applications, products and formulations, as well as matching products and providing improved products.

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