"Over the years, BIO-CAT has had the good fortune to hire excellent people to run our operation."

- Ed Schuler, BIO-CAT CEO and Founder

Custom Blending & Fermentation

We offer unique custom formulation and blending options to meet the specific needs of your application.

Additionally, many of our standard products can be customized as either liquid powder forms, and enhanced by a variety of colors, carriers and fragrances to meet your application requirements. We can easily accomodate small (0.5kg samples) as well as large (upwards of 2500 kg) scale blends.

We produce our Bacillus in state of the art large scale fermenters then concentrate our Bacillus spores by centrifugation. Finally, our spores are spray dried and checked for quality. Spores are then ready for blends and shipment to customers worldwide.

Please contact our experienced technical sales team to create your own custom-blended product.