BIO-CAT Executive Assumes Role of Industry Committee

At the recent Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) annual meeting in Las Vegas, Christopher Penet, vice president of BIO-CAT, assumed the role of Committee Chair for the IFT Biotechnology Division. Chris spent the previous year as Chair-Elect. His new position as committee chair is to develop and implement activities in support of the IFT overall mission and to engage members by providing education on the impact that biotechnology can have on the various roles within the food industry. “Biotechnology is a far-reaching topic, our primary goal for this year is to work with members to identify critical issues and develop ways to educate and update the food industry on what biotechnology means,” says Mr. Penet. “Secondly,” he adds, “is developing creative ways to engage students entering the food industry as to what the tools of biotechnology are capable of across the whole food system, from farm to fork. Chris’ term as Chairman will run through next year’s annual meeting.”