Aquaculture Blend


Microbial/Enzyme Blend




A powdered enzyme and bacteria blend that is useful as a biological additive in aquaculture systems to improve pond and fish health. The use of Aquaculture Blend will reduce the amounts of solids and extend the useful life of ponds and lagoons. Aquaculture Blend is composed of amylase, protease and cellulase enzymes, viable Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis bacteria, stabilizers, nutrients and minerals.

Physical Characteristics

Odor and appearance: light tan free-flowing powder on a bran or white soluble carrier

Activity Range

Total plate count: 1.5 billion CFU/g or 5 billion CFU/g

Usage Recommendations

Maintenance program for hatcheries: Apply 10 ppm (40 g/1,000 gal) per day for the entire growth cycle.

Transfer of fish larvae and juveniles to a new habitat: Apply 25 ppm (95 g/1,000 gal) to hatchery or nursery water each day for 2 days prior to transfer.

Apply 100 ppm (380 g/1,000 gal) to the transfer water for new fish and apply 25 ppm (95 g/1,000 gal) to nursery water upon arrival of new fish.

Fish in grow-out ponds: Apply 50 ppm (190 g/1,000 gal) daily to fish ponds for one week; aerate the pond during treatment. Repeat this application for an additional 1-2 weeks for continued results.

Shelf Life

12 months with proper storage.

pH Optimum

6.5 – 8.5

Temp. Optimum °C

25 – 35