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    Research & Development

    IMG_1105 Gel electrophoresis

    At the BIO-CAT Microbials laboratory we are Bacillus fanatics who take great pride in our quality Bacillus work; we are responsible for laboratory tasks ranging from ensuring product quality to research and development to technical customer support.

    Research and Development

    Our group is involved in many fascinating research projects and collaborations aimed at offering customers products at the leading edge of Bacillus technology.

    • We are working on patent pending technology which will provide gardeners and farmers with safe, non-GMO, chemical free products to keep crop pests at bay increasing total crop quality and yield.
    • We have on-site abilities to grow plants for year round experiments and constant improvement to our seed and soil inoculant products.
    • Our work also supports the use of approved Bacillus strains as probiotics for animals. We have collected IMG_1100 Gel electrophoresissome very interesting animal pathogen inhibition. As our research projects mature customers can expect enhanced probiotics for their production and companion animals.

    SebhatTechnical Customer Support

    We address technical questions from customers as well as perform small side projects to assist our customers.  We have helped our customers determine whether our spores are compatible with their current products. We have also assisted customers in their own product development and formulation. Our team of scientists is always happy to help answer your questions.


    Please contact our R&D team for specific needs that we can help you with or call us to discuss the latest ideas in the world of microbials.