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  • Our goal is to find out what you need, fill your order with the highest quality microbial products and ship them in a timely manner.

  • Our QA/QC laboratory is focused on ensuring that all quality assurance components have been met.

  • Our microbial concentrates are provided as pure cultures or as custom blends, tailored to fit your specific application.

  • Our R&D department addresses technical questions and helps with product development for our customers.

Growth Through Innovation

BIO-CAT Microbials is an innovator in the field of biological solutions for a broad range of emerging and existing markets and industries. We are a division of BIO-CAT, the industry leader in custom blending enzyme technology.  This strong collaboration allows BIO-CAT Microbials to utilize the latest enzyme technology in combination with microbes to produce products that are pioneering, more effective and of the highest quality for our customers’ applications. As a customer-driven company, we continually seek new methods of expanding and improving our products and partnerships to deliver the best possible solutions now, and for the future.

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